Get involved

A journal is like a community garden, and there is no community garden without gardeners. That’s where you come in

First, we're looking for writers: researchers sharing their latest scientific discoveries or their perspectives about specific issues; thinkers wishing to share their exploration of a topic in an essay; bookworms eager to write a review of their latest read; students excited to summarise their theses; doers who have a story to tell about a conference, a meeting, or anything else they feel might be relevant to the readers of this journal. This is a safe place to grow wild ideas; don't hesitate to submit.

Second, we're inviting experts to review papers. Do you have expertise in a topic that relates to degrowth? If yes, get in touch; we're building a database of researchers in all career stages to take part in the review process.

Third, we want to engage readers in the discussion. Did you find a piece particularly engaging? If you're willing to write a commentary, we'll be happy to consider it for publication.

Finally, we are continuously looking for scholars to become editors. We encourage people from all backgrounds to apply; and especially people that are currently underrepresented in academia. As of now, our publishing capacity is very limited because we are only a few, but the more editors join us, the more papers we will be able to review. We are also open to new additions for new people to help us run the journal in an administrative capacity. Just get in touch with us if you are interested (